Sunday Worship December 3

This Sunday, we celebrate the second week of Advent, and come to the Lord’s Table in love. Gary’s sermon is titled “In the Bardo.”

Sunday Worship November 26

This Sunday, November 26, we celebrate our entry into the Advent season by lighting the first Advent candle. (Volunteers for coming Sundays eagerly encouraged!) Derek van Bever will be our guest preacher, and we continue our reading of prophetic history with Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14, the “Letter to the Exiles.” Derek’s sermon is entitled “Hope in Exile.”

Sunday Worship November 19

This Sunday, November 19th, we anticipate Thanksgiving, with hymns from the Pilgrim Hymnal and a beloved text from Isaiah. Oh, and sharks. Gary’s sermon is titled “From the Jaws of Defeat”…

Sunday Worship November 12

This Sunday, November 12, we read from the Book of the Prophet Amos. Gary’s sermon is titled “Rolling Papers.”

Sunday Worship November 5

On November 5th, Gary returns to the pulpit with a sermon titled “The Storm.” It is Communion Sunday, and we will once again collect pet food for Oscar’s Outreach, supporting our partners at Tree of Life. See you at 10:00am!

Sunday Worship October 29

This Sunday, October 29, we witness the dedication of the Temple, which took Solomon seven years to build. Geraldine Gregersen is our guest pastor this week, and her sermon is titled “Building Peace.”