Sunday Worship, May 16

Understanding that God is not only “in heaven,” but also with us and among us in the here and now is a challenging idea.  Knowing what we believe about Spirit, about Jesus, and about how God can be both beyond our reckoning and also beautifully present is perhaps the most challenging element of theology for people of many faiths.  As we gather for worship this Sunday, we can explore this idea together and know the way that we are empowered and invited to participate in God’s presence.  Isn’t that a remarkable idea!?

Spring is here and we all long for renewal in many ways.  Let’s celebrate together!

Zoom Worship, Sunday @10:00am

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Sunday Worship, May 9

As we continue to read in the Gospel of John and in John’s letter, it is fitting that on Mothers’ Day we remain keenly focused on the love of God as we receive it and as we are called to give it.  What does it mean to say that love casts out fear?  When we consider the family of God, to what are we called in response? Let us be imaginative in the breadth and depth of our giving, in love, for ourselves and for others.  Join us as we move to understand all that we are in the Body of Christ that is the Church.

Zoom Worship, Sunday @10:00am

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Sunday Worship, May 2

“All we need is love . . .” certainly didn’t begin with the Beatles.  Jesus’ summary of God’s greatest command for us is to love.  When that is difficult, or when we feel alone in meeting our challenges, the words we read this morning from Jesus and John remind us that when we love we are united with God and with one another.  This is an inextricable connection, which we are reminded of in nature.  What are the ways in which you have known your connections with others?  How do we reach out to others in love?  Reminding one another of this charge and this grace, we move forward in hope and joy.

Zoom Worship, Sunday @10:00am

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