Sunday Worship, December 9

This Sunday, December 9th, we turn to the second theme of Advent, Peace.  Our readings focus on John the Baptizer.  Gary’s sermon is titled “ALL CAPS.”


Sunday Worship, December 2

On Sunday, December 2nd, we come to the Lord’s Table of Love, and kick-off the season of Advent by lighting the “hope” candle. Gary’s sermon is titled “In the waiting.”

Sunday Worship, November 25

This Sunday, November 25th, is the final Sunday before Advent, and traditionally celebrated as the Feast of Christ the King.  Gary’s sermon is titled “Bilocation.”

Sunday Worship, November 4

This Sunday, November 4th, is Communion Sunday. As we prepare to come to Christ’s Table, we’ll hear Gary’s sermon titled “This Sentence is False. Love, Logic, and Trinity.”