Sunday Worship October 8

This Sunday, October 8, we continue our Exodus journey with the Hebrew people. The sermon will deal with recent events and the call to hope. It is titled “Between Here and Promise.

Sunday Worship October 1

This Sunday, October 1st, we come to the Lord’s Table for communion. We encounter God in a burning bush, and hear the name God uses for God’s self. Gary’s sermon is titled “Entebbe.  ”We’ll also take our First Sunday special collection of goods for the Tree of Life, this month focusing on “Oscar’s Outreach” by collecting pet food.

Sunday Worship September 24

Churchill is believed to have said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” This Sunday, September 24th, we will read the story of the Bible’s most skilled liars and Esau’s stolen blessing. Gary’s sermon is titled “The Trickster.” We look forward to seeing you in worship.

Sunday Worship September 17

This Sunday, September 17th, the lectionary would have us revisit the troubling story of the binding of Isaac, so we’re going to mix it up and read the equally troubling story of Ishmael. Gary’s sermon is titled “He Do the Police in Different Voices.” We will also celebrate a baptism. Join us as we worship, learn, and celebrate.


Sunday Worship September 10

This Sunday we start our “program” year with the Creation myth. Gary’s sermon is titled “The Shadow Shows.”

Sunday Worship September 3rd

This Labor Day Sunday, Derek van Bever, our congregation’s own candidate for ordination, preaches. The Lesson For All Ages is called “Seeing With Our Mind’s Eye,” and Derek’s sermon is “Who’s Serving Whom?”  Paul Kelly will be sitting in for Music Director Gerald Wheeler. We will also be celebrating at the Lord’s open table of love.