Ryder Organ, Opus 139

Opus 139 was built in 1888 for a residence and later was moved to Broadway Methodist Church, Somerville, Massachusetts at which time a 4’ flute stop was added to the Great. The organ was removed from the church in 1979 and remained in storage until the spring of 2003 when Andover Organ Company began to restore, rebuild and augment the instrument for installation in our church.

We were unable to use the original casing from the Ryder Organ due to height constraints.  That problem produced a serendipitous result. Andover designed a new walnut case, with new case pipes, in a classic style to harmonize with the colonial architecture of the church. The uniquely carved shades above the case pipes were designed and produced by Richard Grosh, a local wood-carver. Because of the added stops, the Great and Pedal chests are also new.

The original console was retained and refinished and the stop jambs were rebushed. The key beds of the manual keyboards were refurbished and new center pins were installed as necessary. A new table of voidless plywood was installed in the Swell chest and one stop added. The sliders were re-shimmed and sponcil areas were recovered.

The new Great chest includes three additional stops. A new 42-note mechanically duplexed pedal chest and a pedal board of 30 notes were built with a new pedal key action which includes three added coupler notes. The pipes were cleaned and repaired and the stoppers in the wood pipes were releathered and greased. The reservoir was releathered as a double fold and a new blower provided.

The design was by Jay Zoller. The mechanical work was under the direction of Project Leader, Ben Mague. Tonal work was by John Morlock.

Others who worked on the project were:  Alan Carrick, Anne Dore, Gary D’Entremont, Michael Eaton, Donald Glover, Al Hosman, Lisa Lucius, David Michaud, Fay Morlock, Bruce Perry, Casey Robertson, John Ross, Craig Seaman, Jim Stewart, Travis Wanner, David Zargas and Donald H. Olson, President.