Sunday Worship January 2, 2022

The light of our faith and the enduring hope that we celebrate at this time of year is central to the message this Sunday morning, when we remember the story of Christ’s own baptism–and our own.  The signs and symbols of our faith are powerful during Christmas and Epiphany, and we will recall the guiding star that led the Magi even as we celebrate in the liturgy around our sacrament of Communion.  With current concerns around increased Covid transmission, we will not be sharing the elements, but you are welcome to bring your own symbol of the bread and cup.  Likewise, for the time being we are returning to sharing recorded voices from our choir rather than having live singing.  Please let us pray for a return to greater familiarity in worship even as we continue to innovate!

Love and peace to you all, Pastor Lisa

Worship at Home Materials:

Below you will find materials to accompany this week’s Sunday Morning Worship via Zoom.  An order of service with scripture readings, along with music recordings to accompany the service, are available by clicking the following links.  

Helpful Hint:  If you are planning to join the Sunday morning worship Zoom call, you might wish to print the following documents prior to joining the call, if you have that capability.  

Sermon:*   “Less Than the Least, Lighted in Glory”

A Reading from the Hebrew Scriptures         Isaiah 60:1-9

A Reading from the Epistles                         Ephesians 3:1-12

A Reading from The New Testament            Matthew 2:1-12

*A link to the sermon will be shared on our website during the week following the service.

Worship Bulletin:

January 2,2022
Service of Worship for Home

 To join Rev. Lisa Durkee for worship via Zoom, please use the following information.

Whether or not you choose to set up an account, when it’s time for the meeting, click the following link:

Meeting ID: 869 5162 7267
Passcode: 656091