Sunday Worship September 18, 2022

Grace to you and peace, from God our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ! With the threat of showers in the morning along with some chilly air, we will worship in the sanctuary tomorrow!  Please do bring a mask, as we will continue to sing hymns inside!  Our text from Timothy invites us to consider when and how we pray, and Psalm 113 is essentially a command to praise God.  We will consider how we may encourage one another to pray more frequently and more fervently, as we move toward making the actions of our hands “holy.” 

Blessings and peace, Lisa

Worship at Home Materials:

Below you will find materials to accompany this week’s Sunday Morning
Worship via Zoom.  An order of service with scripture readings, to accompany the service, are available by clicking the following links.  

A Reading from The Hebrew Bible    Psalm 113 

A Reading from the Epistles              1 Timothy 2:1-8         
Sermon     “Lifting Up Holy Hands”           Pastor Lisa

Helpful Hint:  If you are planning to join the Sunday morning
worship Zoom call, you might wish to print the following documents prior to
joining the call, if you have that capability.  

  *A link to the sermon will be shared on our website during the week following the service.

Worship Bulletin:

September 18,2022

Service of Worship for Home

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Meeting ID: 837 3204 1269
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