Sunday Worship, September 19, 2021

This Sunday…
The conundrom about a life of faith in Jesus Christ is that we are not promised that we will be great.  Indeed, by following Jesus we submit ourselves to one who would have us be “the last.”  In service to others, recognizing that we are at our “best” when we make ourselves useful to the greater good, we do our part in bringing together the children of God.  Jesus’ call in our lives subverts what we may have been taught is the way to a better life, but promises abundance that is, well, heavenly.  

— Pastor Lisa

Worship at Home Materials:

Below you will find materials to accompany this week’s Sunday Morning Worship via Zoom, with Rev. Lisa Durkee.  An order of service with scripture readings, along with music recordings to accompany the service, are available by clicking the following links.  

Helpful Hint:  If you are planning to join the Sunday morning worship Zoom call, you might wish to print the following documents prior to joining the call, if you have that capability.  

Mark 9:30-37
You’re Welcome, God”       
– The Rev. Lisa J. Durkee

Worship Bulletin:
September 19, 2021
Service of Worship for Home