Re-opening Update

We are now open for in-person Sunday Worship services!  According to CDC guidelines, gathering in person for extended periods of time is safest for people who have been fully vaccinated, and we strongly encourage those who have not yet been fully vaccinated, including the two week recommended waiting period following the second shot, to continue joining us via Zoom.  

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Sunday Worship, June 20

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”  The Psalmist celebrates in the song we read in scripture this Sunday, while God challenges Job concerning God’s power in the second lesson.  Together in prayer, in song and scripture, we will also celebrate our coming together as Church in one body and the hope this offers.  How, out of the challenges and exciting joys of life do we forge community that is reflective of our faith?  Join us in worship on Sunday to build up our corner of the Kin-dom of God!

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Sunday Worship, June 13

In his parables and in symbols, Jesus helps us understand how deep and broad is God’s love and the kingdom of God we know as heaven.  Even before Jesus walked among us to teach us these things, God showed time and again that human expectations often fall short of God’s imagination.  Through faith in God’s power more than in humanity’s abilities, shepherd boys become exalted kings and tiny mustard seeds become large plants.  As we gather together for worship, and as we make our way through all our days, we can celebrate how deep and wide can be our own love for others and for ourselves.  On the weekend in which we celebrate Pride in Blue Hill, we can glory in our differences and recognize that God sees each of us as we are and loves our uniqueness.

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Sunday Worship, June 6

There is a lot about living “a life of faith” that has to do with organization.  How we order our activities, our thoughts and our desires can be capricious or can be systematic, or somehow a mixture of what seems mere whim or more intentional.  Entering into the season descrbed as “ordinary time,” we are given the opportunity to consider our own intentionality with regard to issues of faith. As we continue to celebrate with joy the return to relatively normal worship, seizing this opportunity may feel both burden and liberation, leaving us potentially somewhat “stuck in the middle.”  Let’s ponder together how we become unstuck!

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Sunday Worship, May 30

We come together again, still in a pandemic though with a sense of relief that comes with most of us having been vaccinated.  Still, our prayers go out to those around the world who continue in the throes of this illness.  In our joining together I know that we all feel a sense of rebirth, and the readings from our lectionary invite us to consider what kind of community and individual enlivening we can anticipate as people of faith.  

For those of you who choose to remain at home, please know that you may still join us via a Zoom connection.  It will be different from the way we have gathered virtually before now, but I pray will be a fulsome experience of worship.  Please know that I welcome your feedback following the service!  Blessings!  

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Sunday Worship, May 23

Our message for children today references the story of Pentecost, the promised coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples as we hear it in Acts.  Our celebration today carries with it all the joy and the wonder of that day, and the excitement that comes with our own anticipation.  How will this church be birthed anew as some of our pandemic restrictions are eased?  How will we celebrate the gifts of the Spirit among us as we look forward in hope?  With God’s gifts descending on us even today, we may look around to notice ongoing renewal and also know new energy blowing through us as we meet continuing challenges.

Zoom Worship, Sunday @10:00am

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