Re-opening Update

We are now open for in-person Sunday Worship services!  According to CDC guidelines, gathering in person for extended periods of time is safest for people who have been fully vaccinated, and we strongly encourage those who have not yet been fully vaccinated, including the two week recommended waiting period following the second shot, to continue joining us via Zoom.  

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Sunday Worship, September 19, 2021

This Sunday…
The conundrom about a life of faith in Jesus Christ is that we are not promised that we will be great.  Indeed, by following Jesus we submit ourselves to one who would have us be “the last.”  In service to others, recognizing that we are at our “best” when we make ourselves useful to the greater good, we do our part in bringing together the children of God.  Jesus’ call in our lives subverts what we may have been taught is the way to a better life, but promises abundance that is, well, heavenly.  

— Pastor Lisa

Worship at Home Materials:

Below you will find materials to accompany this week’s Sunday Morning Worship via Zoom, with Rev. Lisa Durkee.  An order of service with scripture readings, along with music recordings to accompany the service, are available by clicking the following links.  

Helpful Hint:  If you are planning to join the Sunday morning worship Zoom call, you might wish to print the following documents prior to joining the call, if you have that capability.  

Mark 9:30-37
You’re Welcome, God”       
– The Rev. Lisa J. Durkee

Worship Bulletin:
September 19, 2021
Service of Worship for Home

Sunday Worship September 12, 2021

On a weekend in which we remember significant events in our nation’s history and particularly in light of recent circumstances on the world stage, we can turn to scripture for a “bottom line” to lead us. Jesus poses a question to his disciples, perhaps THE question for people who strive to walk in discipleship to the one who taught us peace: “Who do you say that I am?” We also read from the letter of James, to know the difficulty we all have in not only watching our tongue, but also taming it. What we say matters–about the one we follow, and to and around those who look at us as examples of what Jesus said was important. Rather than be daunted by such a task, we gather together in order to support one another on the way and to celebrate in praise of God, who loves us no matter what.

Join us, along with Pastor Lisa Durkee, for worship in-person or via Zoom.

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Sunday Worship September 5th, 2021

Just this side of a miracle, it seems, are so many aspects of life lived fully. When we read the ancient prophets’ words, it can sometimes seem as though they are very time and place specific; at other times, we may read them as a letter straight to our own hearts. In this Sunday’s reading from Isaiah, we hear the good news in a promise of fulfillment following scarcity and joy following loss. Likewise, the lesson from the Gospel of Mark tells the story of a time that Jesus performed a miracle of healing that echoes the prophecy in Isaiah. What are we to make of these stories now? How may we be opened to hearing them in faith and in hope for our own lives to be transformed? Join us this Sunday, whether on Zoom or in the parking lot of the church where we plan to gather for worship outside!

Because of the recent rise in Covid cases, including those breakthrough cases in vaccinated persons, we will not be sharing the elements of Communion. We will, however, have a time of meditating on the sacrament and its significant to us while we hear music by Anne Parker on her hammered dulcimer.

Join us, along with Pastor Lisa Durkee, for worship in-person or via Zoom.

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Sunday Worship, August 29

“A person will worship something – have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts – but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives and character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming.”  (Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803 – 1882)

Join us, along with Pastor Lisa Durkee, for worship in-person or via Zoom. We will gather after worship for an Outdoor Hymn Sing! Tents will be provided in case of rain.

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Sunday Worship & Annual Meeting

What does power look like?  What’s the difference between being prepared to defend and to create offense; or even to be offensive?  To what behaviors are we called in the face of the Powers, and how do we cultivate them?  The way in which we consider our faithful response to world events as well as to individual circumstances may be well led by the passage from Ephesians at the heart of this Sunday’s message, and I hope that we may carry the conversation into the week, perhaps even gathering via Zoom for discussion of the tumultuous events in world news—in our lives—this week.  

Join us, along with Pastor Lisa Durkee, for worship in-person or via Zoom. We will gather after worship for our Annual Meeting.

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Sunday Worship, August 15

What makes up wisdom, and its counterpart foolishness, may look different for people of faith than for those who have no sense of a loving God on their side.  What may look like foolishness, Paul helps us to understand in his letter to the Ephesians, may well be the best way of living in the world.  Let’s talk together about what we believe we need to understand in order to live our best lives.

Join us, along with Pastor Lisa Durkee, for worship in-person or via Zoom. We will also gather after worship for an outdoor coffee hour, weather permitting. Bring your own coffee, and we’ll see you there!

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