If you are visiting us for the first time, please allow us to extend our warmest greetings. We are an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ. We look forward to having you join us in worship.

Sunday Worship, November 4

This Sunday, November 4th, is Communion Sunday. As we prepare to come to Christ’s Table, we’ll hear Gary’s sermon titled “This Sentence is False. Love, Logic, and Trinity.”

Sunday Worship, October 28

On October 28, Gary returns to the pulpit with a sermon titled “Weekend at Bernie’s.”  After worship, we’ll gather downstairs for our Quarterly Meeting.

Sunday Worship, October 21

On Sunday, October 21, we welcome to our pulpit the Rev. Nick Davis, Moderator of our Sunrise Association, with a sermon titled “The Greatness of Service.”

Sunday Worship, October 14

This Sunday, join us as guest preacher the Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg brings a message titled “A Breath of Fresh Air.”

Sunday Worship, October 7

This Sunday, October 7, our theme is commitment. We will read from Genesis and Mark. Gary’s sermon is titled “Counterfeit Wampum.” We’ll also come to the Lord’s Table, receive the annual “Neighbors in Need” offering, and collect pet food for Oscar’s Outreach to go to the Tree of Life Food Pantry.

Sunday Worship, September 30

On Sunday, September 30th, we continue our series on spiritual practices with leadership. Our readings come from the 11th chapter of the Book of Numbers, and from the 9th chapter of Mark’s gospel. Gary’s sermon is titled “Dust Bowl.”