Sunday Worship February 5, 2023

Grace to you, and peace, from God our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ!  I hope very much that everyone within reach of this email is inside, safe and warm!  Writing to you from the basement of St. Francis, I pray that the reason this “warming center” has not been utilized is that all are cared for indoors on this bone-chilling weekend.  Figuratively warmed as well, by the good conversatIons I have been having with the few other people gathered here, I give thanks that we come together as one community to serve those in need. 

Meeting the needs of others is what we are called to do in response to God’s love for us, which is a point highlighted in the texts this week (and every week?).  In the Gospel of Matthew we move beyond Jesus’ description of those who are “blessed” by God–now and when God reigns on Earth–to a fuller development of God’s commands to us.  To love our neighbor is not an easy task; forgiveness is not easy.  The prophet Isaiah spells out in very direct terms how we are to live, what we are to do for others, and on this frigid weekend, we may follow those commands very literally. 

We have spoken of turning the heat down in the sanctuary.  Rest assured, the heat is on this weekend!!  In fact, we have determined to keep it at the usual temperature through the winter, as some people are, indeed, uncomfortable with cooler temps.  So, look forward to coming out of our temporary hibernation tomorrow for the warmth of fellowship in worship, including the sacrament of Communion.  Those of you at home may wish to bring your own elements to your table to partake together with those in the sanctuary.  Until then, please stay safe and warm! 

Peace and blessings, Lisa

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February 5, 2023
Service of Worship for Home

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